Why KinetEco?

Our K-Eco Solar Panels are among the most advanced solar arrays in the industry. Combined with our K-Eco Solar Battery (chargers) and solar inverters, they form complete photovoltaic systems – that are ready to harness and store the sun’s energy.

This table shows how our 200-Watt panels compare in laboratory tests against our competitors.  And our Complete Solar Advantage package warranties every panel and component in your system for 25 years, so you’ll always have peace of mind that you’ve invested in a reliable energy solution.


How Solar Works

  1. Particles of light (photons) from the sun hit solar panels and are converted into electrons of DC electricity inside the photovoltaic cells.
  2. The electrons flow out of the solar panels and into an inverter where they are converted into AC power that can be used in your home.
  3. A net energy meter tracks all the power produced by the solar system.
  4. At night, or on cloudy days, you’ll consume energy from the grid, as normal.
  5. During the day, under optimal conditions, you’ll consume electricity directly from the sun, as it’s generated.
  6. Excess solar energy that you do not use goes back into the electrical grid, and is credited to your utility bill.


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