From consumer devices including solar chargers and solar panels, to large-scale industrial solar and wind farms, at KinetEco, Inc., we're leading the innovation, development, and implementation of alternative energy solutions for a cleaner, healthier planet. Click on a product category that interests you:




What Our Customers Are Saying About KinetEco Products

"I never get tired of seeing the meter spin backwards. Our KinetEco solar installation has been the best investment we've made to our home." ~ Jennifer Morgan, Irvine, CA
"KinetEco, Inc. is a first-class operation, providing first-class service. We wouldn't entrust our large-scale wind and solar energy needs to any other company." ~ Globe Bank International
"As a local solar installer, we need to keep costs down, but also want to use the most cutting edge technology available. KinetEco, Inc. has helped us be a major player while still remaining a family business." ~ Smith Solar & Electric


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