Simon Lodine, PhD, CEO

Dr. Simon Lodine comes to KinetEco, Inc. after building his own successful alternative energy using sugar beets to power off-highway vehicles including tractors, backhoes, and other heavy farm equipment. Dr. Lodine discovered and refined his sugar beet formula while finishing his doctoral thesis at MIT. He brings an unusual mix of scientific and business-mindedness that has catapulted KinetEco, Inc. into its number one position as the worldwide leader in alternative energy research and development.

Our CEO passionately believes in our company mission statement: KinetEco, Inc. leads the innovation, development, and implementation of alternative energy solutions for a cleaner, healthier planet. He has written the following about KinetEco to help folks understand why he is so passionate about his role at the company and the future innovations he is looking forward to implementing with our brilliant teams.

As a planet, our energy usage, and the resulting environmental pollution, is staggering. It’s obvious that traditional fossil fuel is no longer the answer, and that we must adapt to a new way of existing – one that involves the adoption of alternative, renewable energy practices. KinetEco, Inc. is at the forefront of alternative energy research, design, and manufacturing – creating alternatives for home business, and industry. From capturing the sun’s energy with our K-Eco Solar Panels, to harnessing the power of wind with our innovative wind turbines, windmills, and wind pumps, we’re continuously advancing the science of alternative energy and making it affordable and adaptable in a host of situations.

Our K-Eco solar panels are among the most advanced solar arrays in the industry. Combined with our K-Eco solar batteries, charge controllers, and solar inverters, they form complete photovoltaic systems that are ready to harness and store the sun’s energy.

We’ve also taken huge strides in the development of wind power alternatives, including our K-Eco wind tunnel – an industrial strength wind turbine system that can power an office building of 40 people, for 20 percent of each workday, significantly reducing the use of fossil fuels and creating substantial economic savings.

Meet our CEO

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